Wednesday, November 24, 2010

On the Road Again! We've Gone South!

I failed to mention this trip because we planned it so quickly, and really haven't had time to digest the fact that we are out of town!  The plans were all made via computer this time, too.  With a five-day weekend, we had to figure a time-line. I discovered a website called  which seemed to have hotels and sightseeing available with the click of a we are trying that out.  I will let you know how that goes.

Remember that high school reunion that Randy and I helped to plan for this past October?  Well, during the planning process we became "new best friends" with Susan Meyer Kornegay and her husband, Jerry, from Knoxville, Tennessee.  As things turned out for the Thanksgiving holiday, neither of  us had real "family" to share a turkey with.  My kids are with Mike for Turkey Day, and Randy's daughter's family is with her in-laws in Pennsylvania.

So...........where have we NOT been?  Nashville, Tennessee!  We had seen the reopening of the Grand Ol Opry Hall on the Today Show a few weeks ago, said, "Gee, we haven't been there," and the seed had been planted.

Contacting Susan to see what they would be doing this weekend, we were invited almost instantly for Thanksgiving! Their family had other plans this year, too!

So here we are, Wednesday night,  in Walton, Kentucky, a town not terribly far south of Cincinnati, Ohio. We left Akron immediately after I got home from school today, drove 5.5 hours, and landed at a Comfort Inn here.  Rain slowed us down a bit, and the Thanksgiving traffic in Columbus was bumper to bumper and took an hour to get through, but the rest of the driving was a breeze.

We had Thelma along, of course. (You remember Thelma, our GPS unit).  As Randy was driving the last half of the trip, I discovered that I could change Thelma to Theodore.  We didn't like the man's voice, however, and found him a bit intimidating, so we tried out an English-Aussie female voice.  She took on a snooty air, so we brought Thelma back, voice-wise, and have decided we are definitely attached to HER.  Besides, we felt like murderers.

Stay tuned for the next few days to find out what our "plans" include.  I confess that we actually made a reservation for tonight in Walton............I know, I know.......totally out of our normal behavior, but it's Thanksgiving Eve, and we've been to New York State, remember?........we wanted the security of a waiting room.  We also made reservations for the weekend, just to let you know that we are more normal than you had thought.  It doesn't mean that we are not "roaming," just "roaming with reservations" this time!