Friday, April 13, 2012

Outer Banks Eateries.....

We've been too busy to post a blog lately.  That's because we've been eating our way around the Outer Banks.  That's not ALL we've done, but eating has been a huge thing for the past few days, and I want to cover FOOD for awhile.

We did sit on the beach and read, read, and then read some more. Pure joy as far as I am concerned. I also managed to get one horrid sunburn on my lower legs and feet, out of pure stupidity.  I have never gotten any "color" on my calves, so just assumed they were immune to sunburn. So wrong!  My feet even swelled up over this mistake in judgement, and I am suffering all the way home.

But back to food....................Goomba's
We went to Goomba's one night, in search of good shrimp. We'd been there before and had fond memories of delicious Jamaican-flavored shrimp by the pound.  Goomba's is such a fun place...........bright colors, and the ceiling in the dining room is made to look as if you are underwater while you eat.  This time we ate at the bar, but still had to go shoot a couple of photos of the dining room to share with you. Goomba's is bright an cheerful, also.  It's the kind of place that makes you happy you came there.  We ordered a pound of the spicy shrimp and a plate of calamari.  The calamari was only rings, but very tasty. I like the tentacles, too, as they are crispy, but they didn't include them.
As much as I had loved their spicy shrimp last year, this year they were highly over seasoned and I literally had to wipe the extra hot seasoning off with my napkin before I could eat the shrimp.  We still enjoyed the atmosphere and the servers were delightful.

Sam 'n Omies

We've been going to Sam 'n Omies since our first trip to the Outer Banks together.   We like to go there for breakfast, as sometimes the place is full of fishermen on their way to go get a catch.  Their motto is "Everyone needs to believe in something.  I believe I'll go fishing."  This is actually a quote from Henry David Thoreau, and they give him credit for it.  The food is always good, the servers are always wonderfully polite and helpful.  This may be our favorite place, but we really haven't eaten anything but breakfast there, in all the years we've gone to the OBX.  Nothing fancy, just good food.
We didn't have anything fancy this time, either. I had an egg and toast, and Randy had the full regalia of eggs, toast, and some kind of fish cake.  I had to buy the tee shirt this year, though.  All those's time for a tee shirt.
Dirty Dicks, our newest discovery..........although everyone else already discovered it....
Who knew that all those people were right?  We just wanted some SHRIMP and we wanted it NOW. So we followed the rumors and went to Dirty Dicks. After we'd been seated, I saw a sign saying that if we were seated at the bar between 3 PM and 7 PM, we could get a pound of steamed shrimp for only $10.99!  Since it was twice that much on the wall menu, we moved to the bar. (a no-brainer) where we met Nick, the world's friendliest bartender.  We ordered a pound of shrimp (perfectly seasoned) and a plate of calamari,(also perfectly cooked) and a couple of cold beers.  We enjoyed talking with Nick while we ate, then ordered yet another pound of shrimp, and kept right on talkin'.    We didn't get the crabs at Dick's, but we certainly got the shrimp and calamari! So good!
The very next day, we didn't even discuss it. We just made another trip to Dirty Dick's and ordered the shrimp and calamari.  If it ain't broke, we don't need to fix it!
You can see we "modeled" the signs and the food for you.  Eating out is part of the fun of a vacation.  Just in case you go to the Outer Banks, we've done the footwork for you.