Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Edmonds to Kingston Ferry.............Port Townsend, Washington

Tonight we are at the home of friends of, Bill and Renee Voss, in Port Townsend, Washington. Bill was in our high school class and ran track with Randy long ago.

We've had a wonderful fajita dinner with some colorful black bean salad and fresh cherry tomato salad. The tomatoes came right off Bill and Renee's cherry tomato plant.

Another friend from high school, Suzanne, came to dinner. She only lives about half an hour from Port Townsend.  It's amazing that two people from the same high school class end up living so close, almost twenty-five hundred miles from that high school.  It has been a wonderful evening, remembering old times and catching up on the years in between.  Here we are in our tee shirts from the last reunion.

How did we get here?  If you've looked at a map, you can see that this involved water.  Bill and Renee live on the Quimper Peninsula.  In order to save a hundred and thirty miles today, we took the Edmonds to Kingston Ferry to cross the Puget Sound.
I shot a photo of Thelma after we arrived in Kingston.  Renee says I should have shot it in the middle of the Puget Sound! It would have been far more interesting.
We had checked out of the Marriott in Lynneville and had brunch at a local restaurant, then drove the five or six miles to Edmonds.  This turned out to be a cute little town filled with shops and tourists. 
Below are photos of our ferry ride.  It was almost a spiritual experience today, floating out there in the fog, watching land disappear and land appear...........(although it didn't get too far out of sight...)........and luckily, I had thrown a coat into the car, so I was the only one dressed warmly enough to enjoy the entire half hour cruise on the outside of the cabin.
A short drive from the dock, and we are here! We will also be at the Voss home tomorrow night.  They have plans for us...................!


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