Thursday, September 19, 2013

Port Townsend, Washington...........a Day of Rest With Bill and Renee Voss

Today has been a respite.  We've talked, we've relaxed. We have shopped all over downtown Port Townsend.  We've seen a boat that was once owned by John Steinbeck, and you will, too, in a second.  Today it's all about the friendship and the fun, and that's what my photos will show you.  It will also show you this beautiful part of the state of Washington where Bill and Renee live. 

We will be on the road again in the morning...............Thanks for going along with us!

                                            Steinbeck's boat..............covered with barnacles

                                           Renee. Owl Spirit CafĂ©, where we had breakfast

                                                    Downtown, Port Townsend
                                                   at the hat shop
                                                    Bill, Renee, and Randy

                                        Point Wilson Lighthouse

                                                   Strait of Juan de Fuca

Copyright, all photos: KP Gillenwater 2013