Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Getting Ready.........not yet in motion

We've been saying that we are leaving on the 15th for about a month, now.  That's the day after tomorrow,.NO, it's TOMORROW !!!... and so far the only thing I have "prepared" is a pile of maps and AAA books showing Canada.

We might not be going to Canada!  We have thrown around the words "South Dakota" a few times in recent days, and I can see that we get excited when we breathe out those words......."Souuuuuth Du Kota" brings back wonderful memories.  We've been there twice during the Sturgis Rallies........800,000 motorcycles, and US IN A CAR.  Such fun! Such beauty.......we'd love to go back.

We've also actually really talked about Canada....hence the maps and stuff.........I think we're afraid to go there........will they have places we're familiar with, like McDonalds and Comfort Inns??? What if they speak French, and we don't?  Ok, Canada IS a possibility.

New York State......there's a place called Lilydale that I want to visit.  It could be "on the way" to anywhere else, and we could just "happen" to go there, maybe.  That might lead us back to Vermont or New Hampshire........or Maine..the ocean........

Randy, my darling husband, says that he gave me "THE LIST" after the last trip, and it has "everything we need to pack" on it...........but I cannot find the list, and I am not motivated to write up another one.

Usually, I just start packing. My suitcase rarely leaves the back end of the van, anyway, so it doesn't matter if it's heavy when it exits the house.  I throw in a number of underwear items, tee shirts, shorts, a pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, one "decent dress" in case we go somewhere really nice for dinner, a swim suit...........and 4 pairs of shoes, even though I will probably only wear a pair of walking shoes and a pair of sandals for the entire trip. This year I resolve to only take those two pairs of shoes.  And my rubber sandals to wear by the pools.  IF there are pools.

The coffee maker, the box of maps (for wherever), my journaling bag (filled with markers, pens, glue, and other good "stuff"), my BAG-O-BOOKS, a box full of food that can be taken out for picnics or eaten in the car.............a crate of wine (yes, a crate),  a heavy old comforter so I don't freeze my rear end off in chilly motels where we keep the air conditioner on HI since we're not paying the electric bill, my camera with a bag of batteries for it, and hey.............I just made a list !

Tomorrow is the day we will start to pack the car, maybe........since I don't really think we're going to get out of here on the 15th.  I believe the 16th will probably be Departure Day. It's just a gut thing.

This is my first "blog experience," and I am not sure if I am going to like it or not.  Just a minute ago, I wanted to use the word "ass" instead of "rear end," and I didn't feel comfortable doing that.  THAT is why I am not sure if I am going to like blogging or not.  But I do believe it would be nice to have my journals all nicely "archived," whatever that means.

I am going to now end this first "post" as they call it. I am going to have to learn the terminology to do this.  IF I like this, then maybe YOU will see it.  But I would have to send you an email, first, I suppose.