Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lily Dale, New York............

This has been a peculiar and invigorating day. 

We rebooked this hotel room, first off.  It is NOT a deal, but it IS available..........and I have decided, after crossing the state of New York a few times, that if you have a room in New York State, you had pretty much better hang on to it!

There is a vast wasteland across New York.  We remember, some years ago, traveling in the dark and finding NOTHING.  No gas, no motels:  NOTHING.  It's a big state, and I have my own viewpoint on it. (Those of you who live in this state might skip a few paragraphs, as I am going to say what I think.) 

There are some 8 million people living in ONE city in the state of New York.  There are lots of other folks spread around over the state, but EVERYTHING is in New York City, and  ALMOST NOTHING in the way of creature comforts is in the rest of the state, as far as hotels or care for travelers.  (Did I hear a scream?????) 

I didn't say NOTHING is in New York, or we certainly would not be here to see some of it. There are wonderful lakes, wineries, vacation locales, sights to see, and much to enjoy........but you'd better have a helicopter to get you in and out of here, because if you are looking for a (reasonably priced, quick to find) place to stay, forgeddaboudit.

If you are still screaming, then YOU get into YOUR car, and try to enjoy a serendipitous vacation in this state. New York is a gorgeous place, and when the hotel chains start building at every exit area, we will be back. We need some competition.

 Hey!  If you are considering starting a motel or hotel or even a bed and breakfast, I know a good place to build it. (If you build it, they will come.........BUT, actually: If you build it, "they" will already be parked in the front yard waiting for you to open it, in New York State.)
OK.......I just "heard" you....You said, "Why don't they make reservations?"

What fun would THAT be?????  Half the joy in this roaming stuff is the ROAMING!
My theory is that it ought to be ordered that all those people in that one big city need to spread themselves across the rest of this state, build some motels, hotels, and gas stations, and give each other some space, thereby giving those of us, who travel across this state,  places to stay and gas up. 

Yes, I do feel better. I have vented.  If you are yelling and looking for the place to add your rebuttal, forget it. I said "no comments" when I started this blog, and no comments there will be.  If you are irate, it's because you know I am right.  How many travelers have just disappeared into the darkness in New York State?  We will never know.  I just know that I am not going to be one of them, ever again.

Now that I have alienated some of my readers, let me tell you, the faithful readers, about our glorious day, and why we are still here in Jamestown.

We left here at 9 AM and went to visit Lily Dale, New York.  (I have decided to spell it as two words, effective today.........see?  I am able to be flexible!)

Lily Dale is a small gated community on a lake, which is inhabited and owned by a number of spiritualists.  The little cottages are lovely, and the lake is beautiful. Most importantly, the people who inhabit Lily Dale have one main purpose, and that is to prove that life is indeed, eternal.

In other words: This place is run by mediums.

Randy asked, "Why not averages?"

Then he asked, "Do you think they are happy mediums?"

I am not going to go into details here about our full day at Lily Dale, for we were there until 5 PM, but you can google it, if you like.  HBO ran a special on Lily Dale just this morning. The only word I can use to describe it is "awesome."

We left there, emotionally exhausted, but invigorated by the people we had encountered,  and the spirituality that was evident and alive. 

Tonight we are going to find a Bob Evans for a quick supper, then come back to this lovely room, and try to flip a coin to decide which direction we should head tomorrow.  We truly do not know where we want to go.

But we do know that we want to have a plethora of hotels or motels to choose from tomorrow night, so you can probably guess which direction we will NOT be going!