Sunday, November 28, 2010

Greece in Tennessee. Not GREASE, GREECE!

This morning we had a Greek experience in Nashville.  We visited the only full-size replica of The Parthenon of Athens, right in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States! Who knew?

This structure was actually built as a temporary building to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the USA, back in the 1800's.  It caught on, people liked it, and it was then built as a permanent site and completed around 1930 or so.  It houses an art museum and a 42 foot statue of Athena, which we failed to see since we were there on a Sunday and Athena is inside.   However, The Parthenon was amazingly huge and impressive.  Every tiny detail has been completed to perfection.

We decided to speak with Greek accents while we viewed this enormous building, and took self-timed photos of ourselves to add to Christmas cards, hoping to let you all think we'd been to Athens, Greece. Our Greek accents were not wonderful, either.

We fed some bread that we'd brought from home to some Canadian geese and a few lone ducks in a man-made lake nearby, then told Thelma to "Take us home!" and off we went. Lunch was at a Zaxbe's where we enjoyed chicken tenders and boneless chicken wings, (those poor birds!) then were off and away again.

We did take a side trip to Horse Cave, Kentucky, to revisit the birthplace of Randy's grandfather and the roots of his dad's family.  It hadn't changed much since our last stop, but had added a real motel and some directional signs, so we know there has been growth.

Once back on Rt. 65N, the Home-From-Thanksgiving traffic was hideous and bumper to bumper.  We drove at 3 miles per hour for about forty-five minutes at one point.  We put in our time, even though we may not have made the distance we would have liked to do.  We realize, however, that most of those people have to be back at work tomorrow, while we do not.  It seemed courteous to get off the highway and let them go on by.

Tonight we are in a beautiful Best Western in LaGrange, Kentucky, which is not far from Louisville.  My eyelids have been heavy most of the afternoon (I can't imagine why.......) and we've not stopped many times today.

 We just ordered dinner online from Domino's Pizza. What a hoot that was! I put in the information and they showed me a pizza shell which I decorated on my computer screen with the ingredients we preferred, then clicked in the place to deliver it.  A minute later a meter showed up on my computer screen on which we could know that they had received the order, were constructing the pizzas, baking them, and then they were out for delivery!  In 24 minutes the pizzas were at our hotel room door.  I am impressed with Dominos.

Actually, I would recommend Dominos in a heartbeat over for customer satisfaction.   :)