Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Sad End.................Day 10, Spring Break

We are home, and arrived about 4:00 PM.  We left White Sulphur Springs in sunshine and a high of about 74 degrees as we travelled along 64W to 77N.

As we drove along, I kept asking Randy what the temperature was, and each time I asked him, it was colder. (I think there was a black cloud over our car.............) and then it started to rain this hideous cold rain as soon as we had crossed over the Ohio state kidding.          Welcome home!!!

However.....................due to an electrical outage while we were gone, we were welcomed by our alarm system beeping at us, then screaming at us when we tried to turn it off............but the worst is that our furnace seems to be on the blink due to the same outage.  It just won't turn on the heat, and it is about 54 degrees here.

It was an uneventful day on the road.  We've unloaded the car already, put lots of stuff away and thrown the laundry down the chute.  I am cooking pasta and a jar of sauce for lack of much else worth eating in the house right now.

My bookbag has that woeful look as it sits by the door, and I know I am back to the grind in the morning.  I will be off on Friday, however, as I had to make a dentist appointment in Poland for that morning.  The next day, April 30th,  I will be marking the fifth year without Philip here, also, so I will be spending part of the day on Friday at Riverside Cemetery, then have lunch with a dear friend.

The best day of spring break is the first..............and the worst is the last.  Alas: This is the last.

We will let you know when we're off again for parts unknown!  Thanks for following along with us!

 I write my journal because it's something I just do.  I am glad to share it with those of you who travel "virtually" with us.