Monday, May 23, 2011

Back to Being a Yankee

Sunday, May 22

I literally had to PRY myself out of that bed this morning, and we are such master packers that we had totally filled our bags and were ready for breakfast in a matter of minutes.  Breakfast is beautiful at this hotel!

Today I had the eggs, toast, bacon, and oatmeal that had cream cooked into it, with a little cinnamon in it and topped with some maple syrup. ............the other patrons were embarrassed by my moans, a bit, I think.  Randy had that Blue Ridge French Toast that I'd enjoyed so much yesterday, and we greeted all the folks we've met on the porch as we ate.

One little tidbit about The Martha Washington Hotel and Spa that we found refreshing:  The coffee mugs and cups at breakfast each day are a comglomeration of odds and ends, as if they had sent someone out to shop the local garage sales and bring back extra mugs and cups...........what we LIKED about this is it took away any air of "stuffiness" that being in this hotel might have had and had that one little touch of "hominess" to it.  Seeing a  man drinking from a leopard-print mug this morning, and Randy having a cup with a Mickey Mouse drawing on it brought in that creature comfort of "We are normal here, in spite of the grandeur."

I also forgot to mention Tea Time yesterday, where Randy and I enjoyed a pot of tea, some cookies and finger sandwiches, served in the luncheon bar area. The tea was served in a Chinese-type metal pot which kept it really hot for the quarter hour we sat and enjoyed a bite between lunch and dinner. This takes place every day from three to four here.

We drove home, listening to our audio book, in gorgeous sunshine, finishing up my chicken from The Tavern for our picnic lunch, and the drive was uneventful until we got close to Canton.  There was a 3-car accident that happened about a mile ahead of us, involving a semi and 2 cars. We sat for nearly an hour and a half in very hot weather while they removed victims and the truck.  Fortunately, we had magazines and newspapers that we had not read, and had cold water. 

We are safely home and back to work in the morning.  Thanks for going along with us!