Sunday, March 17, 2013

Disney World: The Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center

March 15 and March 16, 2013

We awakened both of these days at 5:30 AM, ate the hotel breakfast, and met a shuttle bus outside our hotel for a FAST ride to Disney World.  We renamed the bus ride "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride," after a Disney park ride that no longer exists.  You can figure out why.

Here are the stats for our two days in Disney World:

We each walked a total of 53,179 steps, which computes to 25.12 miles each  (I wear a pedometer.)

We spent exactly $8.52 on souvenirs.

We saw five million little girls dressed as princesses.

We saw one little boy dressed as Prince Charming.

We saw four people with Barbie pink hair, and two with screaming blue hair.

We laughed a zillion times and got lost another zillion times.

We didn't lose a single item. This was quite an accomplishment.

We met delightful people, and talked to at least forty total strangers, whose names we do not know.

We shared one Mickey Mouse ice cream bar and several plates of food.

We saw the most beautiful fireworks and light shows of our life.

We took four thousand photos which I am about to share with you. (Don't worry, of the fifty photos of Cinderella's Castle, at least five were too blurry to post................)

Since one picture is worth a thousand words, this may be one of the longest blog entries I ever wrote.

The good news:   I am too tired to write another word, so the photos ARE the blog entry.
The final word.............We had a blast!




 And now, to bed......................

Copyright: Photos and article:  KP Gillenwater 2013